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Another one young hottie needs a lesson how to be honest with her gynecologist and his strict nurse. And she's got it right now!

Duration: 58m:30s
Added: 6 years ago
Being a gynecologist, our good doctor had seen so many young beautiful women that it would be the envy for any playboy. In truth, every day in line by his office there are so many young temptresses, that he isn't even able to receive them all. And each next one is even more sexy than a previous! And they also have got another one thing in common. None of the girls want to share the details of their sexual lives, and in fact, collecting of a detailed medical history is the first step to success, in other words, to patient's perfect health. This bad behavior, of course, is a little harmful for his professional pride, but our doctor is not a tetchy person. And he never lets emotions interfere with such an important procedure as a complete gynecological examination. And he doesn't even argue that this procedure is far from pleasant, but what can he do, if all of this is required by strict rules. And of course his faithful nurse is always ready to help him to soothe and comfort any kicky floozy. And besides, she always looks pretty provocative (and in fact under this short tiny gown there really is something to see, so the doctor has an eye for nurses)! And trust our word, all videos with this odd couple are true gifts for connoisseurs of unhackneyed and turning on experiences.
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