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Touchy-feely brunette girl refuses to receive her gyno examinations and gets punished with some extra procedures by a tough doctor

Duration: 30m:09s
Added: 6 years ago
Today our wonderful doctor decided to relax a little after his lunch break, in other words, get a little load on. Well, what can we say, he is an aging man, his work is not so easy, both physically and emotionally. And he must have been looking in a crystal ball as he has calmed his nerves in a good time. Because today he's got a very complicated patient. A cute young lady, but too shy. As she has heard about an enema, she's close to get into a tantrum. She doesn't want and won't! But our dear doctor is very experienced, and he knows how to deal with these little jades. How to make out with guys and show off their goods, so they are always happy. And when it comes to examinations, so they immediately start acting like virgins. But never mind, this silly little girl can be calm about her health. Our doctor does not step back so easily, especially when his blood is as hot as he is loaded. So this nasty kitty's got to go through all attractions of the full internal examination today. And he will do an enema procedure with a special attention and care. And all the other medical tools will be also used for sure. As a true professional, he can not afford to make the slightest mistake in the whole operation. So you can be sure, this video of today's examination won't disappoint you!
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