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Graceful chestnut head daisy with desirable body receives an extra treatment from a gynecologist, who just can't resist her beauty

Duration: 32m:38s
Added: 6 years ago
Today our famous doctor in a particular frame of mind! His faithful nurse seemingly looks a little better than usual, and outside there are beautiful weather and beautiful girls walking around in tiny miniskirts and provocative dresses. And one of these hotties has just entered his office on appointment! Slender sweet legs on high heels and dress, which barely covers neat shapely bottom. Yes! He just knew that he was lucky today! And what does happen here? What happens with our doctor? He can not look away from curves of his patient since an examination begun. And just look how carefully he touches her, as he gently gives her an enema! How he comforts her when she complains that she doesn't like rubber of gloves to touch her private places. He seems to be in love! Well, every man has the right for weakness, even a stern and unflappable medical professional. And then, this fact doesn't spoil the situation at all, but on the contrary, makes it even more poignant and interesting. Moreover, the girl is a rare beauty, so more doctors serve her like a queen. And you have the opportunity to meet this lustful honey as close, as no one of her men know her. Except for our doctor, of course.
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