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Shocking Reality of Gyno Clinics in Russia
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Moral strictures do not exist behind the closed doors of this gyno consulting room, but there is certainly a place for something else

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Added: 5 years ago
Should a young beauty be nervous before her gynecological examination? What is waiting for her behind the doors of a medical office, where she's gonna be alone with a completely strange doctor and his faithful nurse? Medical ethics, you might say. A patient should be treated as gently as possible, because such an intimate procedure, itself, involves some inconvenience for the girl. But what if the doctor is not so polite and tactful? Indeed the young lady has something to hide from him? Or from herself? One thing is for sure - this baby-doll will have to go through one of the most freakish moments of her life. Nobody promised her that it would be nice, and she could not even imagine, what she will face with. But when there is no way out, it may be worth to try to relax and have fun? In the end, deep inside even the most timid floozie lives dirty slut, who is always ready for any experiments in the field of sex, even if it takes her to step over usual frames of the morality and becomes an obedient toy to satisfy lustful fantasies of the dirty-minded doctor. Shyness and lewdness, shame and filth, pain and pleasure are mixed into an explosive cocktail, that will change your idea of sexual explicitness. Do you dare to see it?
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